11:20 AM

I finish taking to my dad and make my way to the farmers market. They have the best locally-sourced coffee beans that they grind up and freshly brew for you.

Anyways, back to the point, I think it just set us back, all we have now is an immensely large job sector for humanities folk and nothing for people like me.

People who want to study this new burgeoning field of computer science, I won’t try and explain it, it’s something that lost its path in the 60’s and now people like me are trying to galvanize.

People these days think the world is perfect. That they live fulfilling lives, that they are content with their jobs, that they live in a time where art is at its peak and human creativity is blossoming.

They're wrong.

The Slate™E-Reader: Paperwhite is not the best our technology can do, can create. WE can do better, WE must. We’re just all focusing on the wrong things right now.